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Tips for Manual Article Submission - SEO Ranking

Search engine optimization is a science and art. If you are new to the game, you might not know that what really matters to the search engines is the link popularity. Directory sites are libraries of websites categorized according to subject. They permit people searching for information to browse the categories searching for sites that appeal to them.

Some technologies utilized by web designers may seriously hurt your rankings and SEO, and you have to avoid those. Then there are Meta tags, and links, both of which can affect your ranking. Whether or not your website is even listed at all on probably the most popular search sites depends solely on how your search engine submission is done and on knowing the guidelines for every search engine.

The most powerful quality of this software is that it gives you the possibility to post more articles in a week. This means that you will have more time to dedicate to article writing and to increase the number of weekly posts.

The directory submission will guarantee permanent links which will result in increased traffic and better search engine ranking. But for this to happen, the directories must have better search engine ranking themselves.

Keywords are the lifeline of your articles. You need to choose them intelligently. They are the modes through which your customers would reach your product or service. There is no hard and fast rule for choosing keywords.

In some cases, the website has been designed and is ready to launch when submission becomes an issue. So, it is important to take some time to make sure that the website is ready to launch and that the proper steps are taken to increase visibility with a target audience.

Since, without any doubt, Google is the most popular, Yahoo is often consider as the best. When making a search in both the engines, the one thing you will notice that, Yahoo provides you a wide results Google looks over. Though, both engines should get top priority for search engine submission.

Using the same link text or title of your submission, all the sites providing the link back to you will show the same title and description and it seems a bit unnatural as search engines will pick the same repetitive text.

Do submissions in only those directories that are cached, indexed and friendly to search engines. Do not submit sites that consist mainly of affiliate links. It is also a very time consuming process, a manual submission involves the pangs of going through a lot of directories and submitting articles and links for review. Before you actually submit your site into a directory you will also have to check to see if the site is already listed in the directory.

However article submission has recently again witnessed a large surge in demand. The low cost and high impact nature of this tool is what has brought about its success. Manual submission is done through experienced SEOs through selection of those directories which match the requirements of the desired website. This increases the credibility of the website amongst the web pages.


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